One of the more elaborate cars at the 6th Annual Boys' League Car Show.

Mr. Anderson and Stan Endo discuss motorcycles.

All motorcycles at the show were student owned.

Martin Shinn and June Uchio discuss the virtues of Chevy's new Luv Pick-Up.

Over thirty models of motorcycles were displayed.

The L.A. Street Racers also participated in the show.

Aronld Honda, Sr. class President, acted as planning commissioner of the City of Carson during Boys' Week.

Sr. class Historian Gentry Akens held the position of Gardena City Clerk.

Student Body Yell Leader Mark Ozaki acted as Head Counselor and Gardena Valley News Reporter.

Leo Terrell, past S.B. President, was Area A Representative of Marine League at Wilson High School during Boys' Week.

Boys' League President Raymond Hughes was selected to be the Superintendent of Schools during Boys' Week.

During the 50th annual observance of Boys' Week, April 30 through May 6th, our Mohican gentlemen were given recognition in civic and community life. The week long observance was sponsored by the Council for the Promotion of Boys' Welfare in cooperation with the Los Angeles City Schools. Special recognition was also given the boys in churches throughout the city. More than 400 high school boys assumed governmental jobs in the city, county, state and federal agencies. Boys' League President Raymond Hughes assumed the office of Superintendent of Schools and was with Dr. William Johnson in the KBIG broadcasting studios as he addressed a joint meeting of teachers and Administrators in the school system.





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